Thursday, August 15, 2013


One of my lifelong goals is to learn how to play the guitar well.  My youngest brother is a very talented musician, and he always inspired me to develop the musical part of my soul.  I especially enjoy the classical guitar, such as the music of Andres Segovia, and the sublime artistry of classic rock musicians such as Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame... "Brothers in Arms" (#3) is celestial quality, as is "Sultans of Swing" (#1) ) and who can forget Eric Clapton... just to name a few.

While I will probably never reach such levels of musical mastery in this life, at least I can dream. And everyone needs a starting point, right?  Of course right.  Therefore, today is a new beginning in my budding musical career. After the violin and piano lessons of my childhood gradually gave way to practicing basketball and other sports, and after the girls that inspired me to write music in my youth have all up and married, today is a great day to begin afresh.  So, without further ado, I give you three songs: two simple covers, and one original composition.

The House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)

Blackbird (The Beatles)

The Song of the Cricket (original)

And here is a bonus song that I wrote not too long ago:

Abide (original)