Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End Sinistrophobia

As we all know, today is officially International Left-Handers day (see also, here).  It is about time that we put an end to bigotry against southpaws and the sinister spreading of sinistrophobia (as a side note, according to one urban dictionary, sinistrophobia is also the fear of heterosexuality).

As part of a minority that comprises only 7-10% of the world's population, I am ready to let my voice be heard, and to claim my rights.  The discrimination against me and against my people has been unrelenting. As one of the victims of constant harassment I will lend my left hand to the cause to end discrimination against left-handers. Why are some people left-handed and others not?  Some scientists have surmised that higher levels of testosterone in utero can increase the chances of the baby being a lefty.  Whatever the cause, please help end discrimination against lefties. Stop the hate. Thank you for your support of this important cause.