Monday, August 19, 2013

Air Jordan

How is it that I have dedicated a blog to all things virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy and have not yet included a post about one of the greatest basketball players of all time?  No, I'm not talking about LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. I'm not talking about Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.  I'm not even talking about Michael Jordan.  Oh, wait, yes I am.

I realize that there have been many great basketball players since the day that Naismith first hung a peach basket from the rails of a gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts, and I also realize that athletes should hardly ever be revered as role models.  Nevertheless, Michael "Air" Jordan has brought the joys of basketball to untold numbers of fans throughout the United States, and indeed, the world.

I used to have a collection of Jordan paraphernalia that included everything from posters and pennants to books, magazines, cereal boxes and videos.  In retrospect, it may not have been the most productive use of time, but then again, neither is blogging.  For now, let it suffice to include just one video of Jordan highlights. There are simply too many to number, but this is as good a summary as any.