Thursday, January 2, 2014

It is Glorious Just to Be Alive

"The chief tragedy in the world at the present time is its disbelief in God's goodness, and its lack of faith in the teachings and doctrines of the gospel. / To all who believe in a Living, Personal God and his divine truth, life can be so delightful and beautiful. / As a matter of fact, it is glorious just to be alive. Joy, even ecstasy, can be experienced in the consciousness of existence. / There is supreme satisfaction in sensing one's individual entity and in realizing that that entity is part of God's great creative plan. There are none so poor, none so rich, sick, or maimed who may not be conscious of this relationship... / The Lord has given us life, and with it free agency; and eternal life is his greatest gift to man." - President David O. McKay

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