Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Simple Request

I have landed over 21,000 page views on this blog, The Good Report, since it's inception in January of 2011.  That's roughly 7,000 views per year.  I assume that this means that people have been reading some of the things that I have posted, although I'm not absolutely certain of this, since the blog does not currently use the open comments feature.   For all I know, there is a hyperactive lab monkey in Botswana that randomly clicked on the link 21,000 times, or there were 7,000 3-legged gerbils who scurried across keyboards and clicked on the link once with each one of their little clawed feet. (I'm sure a trained scientist could come up with a better explanation)  The other more likely possibility is that actual human beings have read what I have written.

I began this blog for the express purpose of seeking to glorify God in a quest for goodness, light and truth, and to communicate such findings in writing.  Heaven knows that I fall far short of this lofty goal, but I still endeavor to seek after and record those things that I find uplifting, inspiring, thought-provoking, edifying or, for lack of a better term, good.  In other words, in contrast to much (though of course not all) that can be found on the internet or in the media, I try to seek out and write about that which is virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy... hence the name The Good Report.

As I near the three year anniversary of the beginning of The Good Report, and after a recent conversation with an insightful friend about the nature of blogging, I have decided to get to know my audience better (whether said audience consists of lab monkeys, gerbils, or human beings).  This way, I may gain greater insights into what sort of topics to write about and how exactly to best express my thoughts in writing. 

Therefore, I proceed to make a simple request.  If you have read my blog, The Good Report, or if you are reading it now, please click the like button underneath this post on my facebook page, and feel free to include a thought or two about what you like or dislike about the blog, your favorite or least favorite posts, ways to improve the blog, possible topics to address in the future, or anything else that you consider relevant to the project at hand.  If we are not yet friends on facebook, feel free to add me, or comment on this post (which I will open up for comments).  Please keep in mind that although I am sensitive to criticism, I would much rather work on improving and ameliorating cyber space where I can, and therefore all viewpoints are welcome.

Thank you for visiting The Good Report!  I hope to have in some way brightened or enlightened, or at least entertained your day! :)  As for you gerbils, scurry along now, and lab monkey, get back to work.