Monday, April 16, 2012

Praise in Poverty: A Choir in the Congo

This is beautiful, although I am not at all surprised that something so great came out of Kinshasha in the Congo. In fact, I suspect that there are many other great and beautiful things to be discovered in Africa, as well as in the Middle East, Asia, and other areas. I received word of this music from a friend who is serving a mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The people and the voices are beautiful. How refreshing to hear the beautiful voices praising God with a joyful noise! especially when so much that is portrayed in media is degrading and demoralizing. I found it ironic that the advertisements interspersed throughout the report, aiming at a materialistic society, speak of science and progress, when the real gem is found in an area of abject poverty. I'm certainly not opposed to free market capitalism, but all the so called science and progress in the world can't buy something this beautiful and transcendent. Thanks for this good news!

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