Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neal A. Maxwell Lecture

Tonight I attended the sixth annual Neal A. Maxwell Lecture for the Neal A. Maxwell Institute ( Daniel Peterson presented the speaker, Alan Ashton, who spoke on Christ and sanctification. The title of his speech was: "Oh How Surely Christ Sanctifies His Own." He provided a hand-out of nearly 40 pages with a list of Names of Jesus Christ that are found in the standard works. It may not be a complete list, but it is the longest list of the sort that I have seen. In a way, it is reminiscent of the 99 beautiful names of Allah.

In any case, the speech centered on Christ and the process of sanctification, and made several references to Elder Maxwell's teachings on desire (e.g. It was an evening of edification, both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging. In order for it to be character building, I will make a point of studying the names in order to retain them in remembrance and to center my desires more on the Savior Jesus Christ and the will of God.

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