Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is No Death

I had thought to end my reading of visionary accounts written by those who have had near death experiences until my mom told me about a book called There is No Death.  After reading it, there is nothing in the account that would cause me to think that its author, Sarah LaNelle Menet, was at all dissembling or prevaricating.  In fact, considering the striking similarities between There is No Death and Visions of Glory,  I am inclined to believe that both authors were telling the truth.

If this is indeed the case (and I'm persuaded that it is), we have much to learn from those who have temporarily departed this life and returned to tell about it.  I enjoyed Menet's account because of its simplicity and straight-forward message.  Her perspectives on life and the after life contain lessons and warnings that would prove valuable to anyone who reads them.  If you, like me, are a mortal being subject to pain, suffering, and death, I surmise that this brief book might contain potentially life changing material.

Menet endured very difficult trials early in her life, and she experienced tribulation throughout her life. Much of her history was painful just to read. But her descriptions of the world of spirits and the future are powerful and captivating.  If Menet's story is true (and I'm persuaded that it is), there is trouble ahead, but there are also great blessings to be enjoyed.  Her list of lessons that she learned in the spirit world is beautiful and inspiring, a testimony that good triumphs over evil because God is in control.

I have yet to read the final chapter in which Menet responds to commonly asked questions, but after reading up to this point, I am persuaded that every human being could profit from considering the valuable insights that this book contains.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  

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