Saturday, April 5, 2014

In a Word: April 2014 General Conference Notes

April 2014 General Conference

Saturday Morning:

President Thomas S. Monson - "True to the Faith"

*Be true to the faith

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - "Defend the Faith"

*Defend the faith

Elder Ronald Rasband - "Angels in the storm"

*Serve and always be worthy to give and receive blessings

Elder Carlos H. Amado - "I love Him with all my heart"


Sister Linda S. Reeves - "The best filter"

*Start with yourself, sing a primary song, study For the Strength of Youth, take sacrament worthily, and prepare family names for the temple

Elder Neil L. Andersen - "Infinitely more precious to God"

*Show kindness to all, particularly those who struggle with same sex attraction, study the Book of Mormon diligently, and attend the temple

President Henry B. Eyring - "A heritage of hope"

*Keep all covenants with the Lord

Saturday Afternoon: 

Elder Russell M. Nelson - "Let your faith show"

*Live your religion, with personal integrity

Elder Richard G. Scott - "The Atonement of Jesus Christ"

*Focus on God's objectives, keep all the commandments, live the basic principles, strengthen families, trust and love children

Elder Hales - "Be obedient"

*Follow the Savior's example of loving and willing obedience, partake of the sacrament worthily, love of the Savior is key

Elder Zivic - "Abide in the True Vine"

*Be ye doers of the word

Elder W. Craig Zwick - "Minister grace"

*A soft answer, listen, minister grace

Elder Quentin L. Cook - "Hastening the work"

*Welding link, find ancestors, learn of them, do family history and temple work

Priesthood Session:

Elder Dallin H. Oaks - "Forget about rights, fulfill responsibilities"

*Fulfill responsibilities

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom - "Put away childish things"

*Exercise faith in Jesus Christ

Elder Ronald L. Ridd - "The choice generation"

*Educate your desires, know who you really are, plug into the prophets to charge spiritually, influence the world for good

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - "Don't sleep through the Restoration"

*Serve and give of yourself, flee addictions, place highest priority on loving God and fellow man

Elder Henry B. Eyring - "Heros"

*Characteristics of heros = pattern of prayer, habit of service, rock hard honesty and integrity

President Thomas S. Monson - "Courage, not compromise"

*If you ever find yourself where you shouldn't ought to be... Get out!  Be the same person in the dark that you are in the light (Jabari)

Sunday Morning:

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - "Thankful in our circumstances"

*Praise God always, be grateful, have hope in everlasting beginnings

Elder M. Russell Ballard - "Preach My Gospel, follow up"

*Reach out to the one - invite one person back into the fold, and study Preach My Gospel

Sister Jean A. Stevens - "God answers prayers"

*Put your trust in the Lord

Bishop Gary E. Stevenson - "This is your 4 minutes"

*Set aside sin and run the race of life with patience

Elder David A. Bednar - "The enabling power of the Atonement"

*Making and keeping sacred covenants yokes us to the Savior

President Thomas S. Monson - "Love is the very essence of the Gospel"

*Be kind, show love to all

Sunday Afternoon:

President Boyd K. Packer - "Will ye also go away?"

*Keep covenants always, remember that the Gospel and the Church are to make a man and his wife and children happy in the home

Elder William R. Walker - "Standing on the shoulders of giants"

*Honor the legacy of the pioneers

Elder L. Tom Perry - "Pro-active obedience"

*Follow the Lord and His chosen leaders

Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge - "There is always opposition to truth"

*Cleave to light and truth, the testimony of Christ and Joseph Smith, regardless of the opposition

Elder Michael John U. Teh - "Treasures in heaven"

*Seek heavenly treasure

Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis - "One should not roam through garbage"

*Experiment upon the word, liken and apply the scriptures

Elder D. Todd Christofferson - "The resurrected Christ"

*Testify of the Risen Lord

President Thomas S. Monson - "May we..."

*Study, ponder, pray, obey

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