Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Muslim to Mormon: Introducing Tito Momen

On Monday evening I had the privilege of meeting a very brave man whose name used to be Muhammad.  In fact, he wrote a book by the same title: My name used to be Muhammad.  His name is now Tito Momen (Tito is the Italian name for one of the Apostle Paul's missionary companions, Titus), and his story is one worth listening to, and reading.  The story of his journey from Islam to Christianity contains lessons in courage, perseverance, forgiveness, and testimony.  Tito graciously agreed to sign my copy of his book in Arabic.  Thank you Tito.  ! شكرا

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  1. I hope to read your story........perhaps one day you will read my partners story, he was also Mohammed and was tortured and persecuted for converting to Christianity, then exiled from his beloved Egypt..........but miraculously brought to Spain by God's hand and led to the Mormon church .......thank you for your courage , god bless you.


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